Vision Quest Juli 2022

Vision Quest, an Ancient way to find answers.

Life itself asks many question from us. Yet sometimes a question just sticks to you. One way or another this question keeps coming back to you every time. You know you have to sit down and listen to the answer.  To be able to hear the answer it is helpful to broaden your mind. Being with nature is the most beautiful way to do this.

Vision Quest is an ancient indigenous ceremony to get more connected to all life with the intention to find an answer or opening in a deep life connected question.

It is a personal journey to connect to your soul’s mission and remember the truth in your steps. It can also be your journey to find an answer to a greater question in your community or organization.

In daily life we are so used to closing most of our connections and intuition so that we can function in our society. During the Quest you will sit in nature, this will help you to open all the communication channels in your system. In this way all life can and will help you to receive the answer you are looking for.

During the Vision Quest there will also be a few people who will stay with the Fire keepers at the fire. We call them ‘Bridgers’. They support the people who are out in the Quest in an energetic way. They will learn how to maintain connection and nourish the connection in a healthy way. It is a way of Servant leadership.

Fire is the transformer of everything that stands between you and finding the answer you are looking for.

For more practical information and receive the flyer or to find out a Vision Quest is something for you in this moment in time, please contact Danny or Hélêne

or call +31-6-81893588


08 - 10 jul 2022


12:00 - 17:00