Predawn song

Predawn Song 19th of June (online)

A beautiful meditation into remembering who you are and what your purpose is. 

Not by enforcing it with your will but by allowing it to resonate inside yourself.

The Predawn song is the resonance of your soul when you surrender to your environment. It is not heard by your ears but felt by your heart.

You can join this meditation online via zoom.

An in-depth experience where you connect to your “original song” and purpose.

In a world where we start to consciously remember that we are part of a bigger whole and that the illusion of separation (the forgotten truth) is held on to by not allowing our true nature to fully work through us, it is logical to take time and start feeling and remembering again.

Not by thinking how we must do this but by allowing this sense and feeling to “come back” and “re”integrate. This might just be the truest form of coming home.

Wisdom traditions all around the world speak about this. When we allow the real truth (unity) to become part of us, all life will start naturally aligning itself within us.

In this session we are going to be actively allowing ourselves to remember who we are and thus allowing our original ‘song’ and task to become a valued part of us again.

We will give this deep meditation out of one of the power places in the Netherlands. A stone circle near the river Vecht. This circle is created to remember Peace and actively bring gratitude for all life.



Saturday June 19th 2021

Time 20.30 -21.30 Amsterdam time



Maximum participants is 100. 

Costs 25 euro.

For this event there is limited acces. So if you want to join us register in time.

After you have signed in, you will get an email with useful tips and the zoom link to the meeting.

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19 jun 2021


20:30 - 21:30