‘Brighten up your day’ 5 days free meditations in english via Zoom


Brighten up your day meditations

For the coming week  we will guide and support you every morning (Monday 23 march until Friday 27 march) at 10.00 AM CET with a unique meditation at Zoom. To move together beyond survival, fear and stress towards a place of less reactivity and being more calm and peaceful This free daily meditation will brighten up your day. In this way you gain more balance, clarity and connection with your inner stillness and wisdom.

These meditations are unique and different every day. In the meditations we will also work with the Corona virus and boosting your immune system.

During the live meditations you will only see and hear us. All participants are not visible or audible.

Because of the different time zones we will also record the meditation every day and send it to you by email. Please sign up with the yellow button “meld je hier aan”

Looking forward to connect!


23 - 27 mrt 2020


every from 10.00 until 10.20
10:00 - 10:20