Team intuition will make the teamspirit dance

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The people in a company make the company. Connection is at the core of any successful collaboration. Connection is not the sum of facts: we are in a building, we se ll the same product, we have lunch together. Connection becomes an intrinsic feeling that arises from harmony and attention and fosters collaboration. Connection allows us to listen better to ourselves and others, at all levels, and makes the collaboration magical.

In consultation with the client, we provide customized in-company programs for various groups: employees within a department, leaders across departments, leaders and employees within the same department, or the entire company. These tailor-made training courses focus on issues and themes that currently play a role in the organization. Possible themes might be self-confidence, flexibility, cooperation, reducing work stress, talent identification, creativity and problem solving.


The attention and focus training start with how we can reduce the personal feeling of pressure and stress in ourselves. Reducing the feeling of pressure and stress immediately generates peace and the ability to focus in every work situation. This fosters cooperation, communication, and creativity in the team, as well as creating easier, more effective contact with internal and external customers. For more information about the program and the possibilities, please contact us.


Every person has an intrinsic motivation to grow. Growth is life. Inner leadership is about authentic growth. From the inner peace and focus, the personal talents are visible and expanded for the benefit of yourself and your working environment. This provides more stability, health and energy. For more information about the program and the possibilities, please contact us.


  • Issues in cooperation
  • Collaborative forms
  • Cohesion through more talent development
  • Passion by strengthening insight (air in fire)
  • Bringing back humor and creativity through distance and overview.
  • More peace in everyone’s movement through rest.

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