Natural leaders are one of the most valuable, untapped resources of a company.  They have the intuitive ability to process and utilize feedback in real time from the group they are leading. Leadership comes so naturally to them; they often fail to recognize or understand how to develop it in themselves.

Through our individualized, company tailored leadership training process that employs MT and personal trajectories, we work with leaders to identify, expand, and develop their natural leadership ability and increase awareness. Aware, intuitive leaders create openings for the future and are a major key to the natural, balanced growth of the company.

Management team


A solution session is designed to resolve an issue in the short term. Using a direct, no-nonsense approach within a safe group environment to identify the core issue. Once identified, we work with the full power of the team to develop a solution and move through the issue.


The intuitive, transformative leadership training teaches you how to listen to and further develop your intuition. You learn how inspiration comes to you, how this changes you and how you can ‘turn it on’ in your group in a natural way. You gain insight and learn how to strengthen your own talents and those of your team, thereby elevating company consciousness.

We call this form of leadership Next Generations Leadership. This is leadership with a strongly increased awareness, intuition, and “common sense” that is attuned to nature with a focus on creating a sustainable future. As a Next Generation Leader, you hear, feel and express the truth from the group consciousness and use it to guide company growth.

During the training you will focus on one or two issues within your organization. Each month you will view these issues through the lens of a Next Generation’s Leader. These monthly meetings provide guidance and nourishment, to develop a plan that you will implement, adjust and reflect upon, with which to create growth.

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Even though you are used to reflecting and know yourself quite well, there are still pieces that you run into as a leader or where you feel you are walking in circles.
Do you have a question about your team or do you notice that your own growth is stagnating? A personal trajectory helps to see the common thread again and provides space, insight and tools for the next step. .

With personal guidance we look at your own question and we also include the following elements of growth:

  • Passion / Compassion
  • Future intelligence
  • Wisdom based Leadership
  • Intuition, what does it take to strengthen your intuition?
  • How do you hold the space so that team intuition grows and strengthens?
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