Wisdom based leaders are the steppingstones to the future
The common value of every being is growth

Intuïtion is the road of growth in unity

What we do

We help companies with sustainable growth, continuity, balance and innovation by strengthening the human side, increasing group enthusiasm and deepening cooperation. We do this by bringing in peace, attention, intuition, openness and humor. This increases the mutual connection and increases the ability of every employee, team and therefore the entire organization. Every change starts with listening. Listening increases insight and brings cooperation, creativity and therefor the magic and inspiration back into the organization.

An important source of inspiration for wisdom based leadership is our contact with indigenous peoples. Through our sustainable cooperation with Elders (wisdom-keepers) from, among others, North American tribes, we continue to deepen our intuition, knowledge and experience. We have made much of this wisdom accessible in a practical way in our material and training.

Being the change in leadership’ This is what Future leadership is about. How do you put your intuition, humor and courage to good use for growth and change.

The strength of a team lies in the diversity. Learn to connect the talents of the team members to create a strong teamspirit and team-intuition.

As an Entrepreneur or leader you handle the balance between passion (Fire) and Compassion (Water). When fire and water are in balance, growth occurs.

Here you will find our online courses and our courses on location in the Netherlands


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About us

In Magical Entrepreneurship, Danny and Helene connect their personal talents.
Their cooperation led to a deepening of their inner leadership, which also changed the form and quality of leadership in groups.
She developed a method, in combination with active listening, that makes growth partly predictable and manageable for individuals and groups.