The bigger picture

When we look at the bigger picture, we see that our society, and at the same time many other countries in the world, are facing enormous problems. Issues that cannot be solved with a simple solution. Which are bigger and we have to fly together. The bigger picture is about joining forces and initiatives to realize and live this change together.

The question we asked ourselves was “how can we contribute to the bigger picture?” By looking and listening to the issues and trends in the Netherlands, the idea of “Magic farms” was born

Important trends and issues that are currently at play are: a movement in which there is a more nature-conscious thinking, there is a striving for more biodiversity, conscious choices are made in food, living, working, traffic, education. Climate issues and what we need to do about them in the coming years, issues around farmers, land, production, regulations. And there are many more issues and trends.
It is important that we feel together that we live in a time when transformation is an important element, for us as people, as a country and as a world.

The idea of the Magic farms is about creating places in the Netherlands where a lot of these issues and trends come together. A place where we work together with nature, where the soil is restored, biodiversity is encouraged, people learn to communicate with nature and with each other. So that we can live with nature and nature.

Other organizations we work with

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