In Magic Entrepreneurship, Danny and Hélène combine their personal talents to guide group growth. Their cooperation led to a deepening of their inner leadership, which also changed the form and quality of leadership in groups. They developed a method, in combination with active listening, that makes growth predictable and manageable for individuals and groups.

The strength of their collaboration becomes evident in groups. In a short time they bring peace and connection back into the group, allowing for smoother collaboration, the return of intuition, and the answers to current issues.

At the start of Magical Entrepreneurship, a supportive team naturally developed around them and together they monitor and improve the quality of their work.


Danny has broad business experience in various fields, including; information technology system management, care sector, agricultural sector, Cranio sacral therapy. The common thread in all his work is his interest in human potential. Where do head and heart come together and how does this work in processes innovation and change? His many years of experience in systemic work help to get individuals and groups moving.

It is his life’s mission to find clarity and purity in every situation. In addition to his high sensitivity and common sense, he can listen at a deep level. When working with groups, he sees the bigger picture, which makes it easy to move through the challenge or question facing the group. His talents are dedication and intuition. Where devotion provides focus, self-discipline and kindness, his intuition provides the necessary information and a sense of deep connection with all life. Through this deep connection there is communication from the heart with an awareness that helps to find answers from which natural growth and movement follow.

An extra depth in his life is his connection with indigenous peoples, especially North American. By living and living with these tribes for a while, he was able to learn and experience their sacred teachings and his intuition was strongly developed. Partly because of this, Danny is often seen as Shaman and Elder.


Hélène has a broad background. After studying business administration, she worked for an international bank in various positions as a trainer, facilitator and office director. Her curiosity in human behavior led to a family therapy post graduate course. She developed her own practice in which she has supervised families of children and youth for the past 15 years. As a family therapist, she researched and worked from many different angles. She used a variety of techniques to release trauma, including EMDR, EFT, Touch of Matrix and family constellations. In addition, she used methods to raise awareness by practicing mindfulness and heartfulness. She gave mindfulness training to groups. From her own experience she noticed that it always comes down to inner peace. How you can stay soft for yourself and others in every situation

When Hélène encountered native wisdom, it became clear that she had a strong intuitive connection working with groups. One of her talents is her ability to deeply connect with all group members and discern the group theme. Through her communication, the theme is seen and heard at every level. With her guidance, the group integrates emotions which creates new openings and movement. Hélène is also tenacious when it comes to personal truth, which she pursues in every situation. Understanding and communicating the truth of what really happens, on every level, gives a deep sense of peace to her and the group.